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Universal Solution

Xtoolkit for robots

The XToolkit is a selection of highly efficient tools focused on the needs of the Warfighter and First Responder, providing a capability in negotiating hazards and defeating the dangers associated with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) by reducing “time on target” and exposure to the immediate hazard.

Technical Specs

Contour designed to securely fit within the robot gripper
Heat-treated steel with extremely high tensile strength
Commercial off-the-shelf replacement parts
Environmental: Toolkit is designed to operate in all climates, weather, temperatures and conditions
Enhancing the options of the operator and allowing the use of the tools and the gripper
Additional tools can easily be designed and integrated for future capabilities
Temperature range: -29°C to 60°C, Humidity: 100%
1x Custom contour-designed block with ‘thumb screw’
1x Cutter Tool: cut wires, and provides the operator with versatile capability.
1x UnZipper: Drive the robot to the bag, reach over and down, and use the UnZipper to cut the bag wide open.
1x Large Latching Hook: can be used for scraping, removing concealing material, and negotiating other obstacles
1x Small and 1x Large Probe: popping car tires
1x Sickle Head: used to drag across the ground feeling for disturbances associated with digging
1x Small Hook: Able to hook and lift objects up to the maximum lifting capacity of the robotic arm
1x Shovel: performing raking and searching operations for wire in sandy and loose soil
1x Window Punch: it takes just two quick steps to smash window glass and gain entry
12,5 cm, 25 cm and 45° extensions
Rugged waterproof case and replacement blades
Unhitec has the ability to customize, modify and design new tools to meet your specifications. From 1 to several hundred pieces we are at your disposal.
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Universal Block System

The Xtoolkit has been designed to be used with all the robots on the market worldwide, the tools are plug & play thanks to the universal block. Unlike other solutions that require the robot to return to release the accessory in order to use its gripper, the Xtoolkit can be released after use to benefit from all the original features of the operating arm.

NERVA® LG Robot with SX525 sensors

Gas detection integration

Unhitec collaborates with several sensors manufacturers to integrate them on robotic platforms on behalf of end users or industrial partners. In this example, Unhitec has designed a plug&play payload for a 5kg robot to be able to carry the SX525 color changing gas detection system.

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Integration of sensors and effectors at the request of manufacturers or customers

NERVA® LG with LANCE® disruptor

Effector Integration

Unhitec collaborates with several end effector manufacturers to integrate their systems on robotic platforms on behalf of end users or industrial partners. In this example, Unhitec has designed a plug&play payload for a 5kg robot to be able to fire the CTS Lance disruptor. The complete solution has been tested and validated in collaboration with bomb technicians.

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Tactical Nylon Gears

Our focus is on small and medium batches tactical nylon gear. We develop our gear from a user’s perspective. We know what works and apply that knowledge in our tactical nylon gear fabrication and custom tactical nylon gear modifications and repairs. We perform custom tactical nylon gear alterations, custom tactical nylon gear repair and custom tactical nylon gear modifications. No project is too big or small.

NERVA® LG into tactical deployment backpack

Textile Solutions

Unhitec develops and produces tailor-made textile solutions for end users or industrial partners. In this example Unhitec has designed a tactical deployment backpack – a ruggedized, hard-shell backpack custom fitted for the robot and accessories. It has the ability to hold a robot, controller, chargers, batteries and payloads. The backpack will hold the robot by itself or equipped with the wheels or tracks kit.

Custom designs
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