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“A working dog is a dog that possess the genetic potential to do extraordinary things.”

Fully trained K9s

Working dogs for narcotics & explosives detection

Available Unhitec working dogs can be trained and tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether you are a police department, military organization, executive protection agency, or inquiring for a home protection dog – Unhitec has you covered. Each agency/ household has specific needs and the working dog will be trained to fulfill those needs. Training a working dog is a very thorough process. All avenues of training will be met and exceeded.


New Canines

New canines are personally chosen and imported from Europe to meet the requirements of your department. Dogs are between the age of 11 months and 2 years of age. These dogs receive 200 hours of training before they are introduced to the handler. The dogs are then introduced to the handler, and acquainted with the family to ensure a smooth adjustment. Formal training, with the dog and handler as a team is four weeks for Narcotics Detection only, Six weeks for Narcotics Detection and Patrol Areas. Training for Explosives Detection only is six weeks and Explosive Detection and Patrol Areas is Ten Weeks. All training can be customized to meet your needs. Every handler receives one-on-one personal instruction during training courses.

The dogs are trained in
• Training for real life scenarios
• Maintenance training
• Tracking
• Area search & Building search
• Maintenance training
• Handler Protection
• Explosive odor recognition
• Handler independent alert
• Proper record keeping
• Criminal Apprehension
• Evidence Article Search
• Basic and advanced obedience
• Proper Handling techniques

Unmasking Mobile Threats

Person-Borne Explosives Detection Dogs

Person-Borne Explosives Detection Dogs (PB-EDDs) are explosives detection canines (EDC) trained to detect and trail explosive odors – on a moving person – to their source. PB-EDDs are odor obedient and display a non-aggressive response to target odors to effectively search professional sporting venues, transportation hubs (airports, subways, train and bus stations), and crowded events. They integrate into existing security infrastructure – adding mobility, flexibility, and capability to commercial security and law enforcement officers. Our PB-EDDs are trained in social atmospheres that mirror operational deployments. They are acclimated to heavy foot traffic, allowing them to imperceptibly scan large crowds as they enter a venue, arena, or transit hub.



Dual-Purpose Canines (K-9) are trained in two of three areas: detection of either narcotics or explosives, tracking and trailing, or apprehension and controlled aggression. Dual-Purpose Canines are trained to give a passive response (sit) at the source of a target odor. Each dog is trained by scent discrimination to track or trail a scent (up to hours old) across different surfaces with contamination and cross tracks to locate a specific suspect. These K-9s are prepared for operational law enforcement deployment upon completion of training.

Stand-Off Detection
Unhitec Canine’s remarkable Stand-Off Detection Dog (SODD) help keep their handlers out of harms way by performing off-leash searches for target odor at distances of up to 300 meters away from its handler. This off-leash detection capability allows for a more efficient, thorough and safe search of any required area.The Stand-Off Detection Dog’s unmatched detection capabilities, superior directional control and obedience are the ultimate tool for the most dangerous situations. These off-leash canines search buildings, roadways, vehicles, objects, culverts or anywhere else they are deployed to detect explosives, weapons, narcotics and other substances as required.



Our Multi-Purpose Canines (MPC) will enhance any Law Enforcement Department or Military Unit. Our version of the Law Enforcement Patrol Dog (K-9) or Military Working Dog (MWD) goes beyond the Dual-Purpose capability with Tracking/Trailing, Detection, and Apprehension/Controlled Aggression. All canines that enter into the MPC program undergo a rigorous medical procurement process by our full-time Military Working Dog (MWD) Veterinarian Staff. All canines are provided a full physical examination, undergo extensive laboratory and genetic screening tests, and have OFA standard radiographs taken of their hips, elbows and spine.

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