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Remote manipulation of door


The HPOLE has been designed along with operatives to allow remote manipulation of door handles and their opening. The HPOLE solution is a man portable and single operator device which resides in a mechanism mounted on a telescopic pole with a maximum length of 5m. The interchangeable mechanism allows the handling of all flat handles, while a dedicated mechanism for round handles is available as an option. The HPOLE is a simple and effective solution that protects the operator.


EOD Tech Kit

The EOD Tech Kit provides an EOD Tech with a means of standoff when a robot isn’t available. The folding sickle blade is always attached and available to check for ground disturbance; both stainless steel and non-conductive blades are included. The remote set hook slips onto the modular head without having to remove the sickle blade, and allows the user to place a hook. The Latching Hook can be used for remote pulls or, with blades inserted, to cut wires. The pole is rigid enough to place disruption charges, and will hold a 1-1/4lbs block of C-4 at full extension without difficulty.

Breaching Poles


Your door will never be the same again. The XPOLE is capable of breaching wooden or metal doors, windows, or even creating a shooting port through a sheetrock wall. Having the ability to reach beyond the threshold, it allows for a tactical entrance. Extended, it will deliver a distraction device to a second-floor window. Using interchangeable heads, the XPOLE has amazing versatility and durability to overcome the challenges officers encounter.

Light XPOLE in Use


Light and portable version on telescopic pole, max length 5m, designed for 1x Mini Breacher’s Boot™ which is a small water tamped charge used to kick in doors.

Designed for 1x
Mini Breacher’s Boot™


Fork Patented System

XPOLE is a modular and patented system, that allows for rapid assembly and applications for a variety of missions. Unlike mechanical breaching, the XPOLE allows the breacher to maintain distance from the breach point, this increases safety and reduces crowding at the point of entry (POE). Unhitec has developed and patented the mechanism to minimize the operator’s backward and forward movement.

Heavy XPOLE in use


Heavy version on wheeled tripod, max length 5m, designed for 3x Mini Breacher’s Boot™ which is a small water tamped charge used to kick in doors.

Designed for 3x
Mini Breacher’s Boot™

Quick & Effective

Single operator device

With extension poles attached, chemical agents or a diversion device can be delivered to a second-floor window. This greatly enhances tactical options for structures or difficult tubular assault targets such as trains, buses and planes.


The XPOLE is a man-portable, single operator device. Deployed with a cover officer, the team can autonomously deploy to pre-identified targets within the area of operation or instantly respond to critical changes as needed.

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