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Who we are

Over-Engineered – and Proud of It

Unhitec has been a reliable resource in providing law enforcement agencies and trend-setting military groups with the technology and training needed to excel in real-world challenges. Whether we’re designing marking & rescue lighting, K9 systems, tactical camera systems and EOD equipment, providing R&D services, our ultimate goal is to protect those who protect us.

This goal is accomplished through excellence in engineering, manufacturing, and instruction. Our excellence is derived from strong relationships with our customers supported by dedicated personnel, a unique approach, and a humble attitude in a collaborative working environment.

Research & Development

The Research & Development team at Unhitec has one objective; provide unique solutions. This is why each and every product we develop begins with a clearly defined objective. Any deviation from the mission at hand wastes time and puts lives at risk. At Unhitec, we never deviate and the products we design provide elite functionality.

From initial concept to finished product Unhitec completes each project with unmatched efficiency and reliability. Our team includes Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Engineers as well as, state of the art 3D printers, CNC machines, and a Surface Mount Device (SMD) Pick and Place Machine. Unhitec continues to provide unique solutions for the military, Law Enforcement, Rescue and Diving industries.

Collaboration & Partnership


Unhitec has developed a solid methodology to identify the specific tactical needs of our clients. We believe that fostering collaboration and insight in partnership with our clients is vital to maximizing results.

Moments of inspiration come to us all. What differentiates Unhitec is our ability to work with our clients to clearly identify the objective they want to achieve. It is the first step of a process that takes a client’s idea from concept to a fully operational solution that exceeds expectations. The initial stage of development includes: Clearly defining the scope and objectives in a Preliminary Requirements Document and Conducting a Cost Analysis/Profitability Assessment

The final stage before moving forward is to hold a Project Approval meeting to discuss the idea and cost analysis to get approval to move forward to the next stage.