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We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly revamped website

Unhitec unveils its new Hostareline all-in-one reel for rescue operations

Unhitec signs distribution agreements with new international distributors

Unhitec was present at Milipol Paris 2019 exhibition

Unhitec unveils its new Hostareline heat resistant version.

Unhitec receives significant new international orders

BlueDragon Presentation & Demonstrations overseas

Unhitec was present at the SEECAT 2019 exhibition

Sneak Peek of our upcoming K-9 System!

Unhitec was present at DSEI 2019 exhibition

Unhitec was present at MSPO 2019 exhibition

Unhitec unveils its new Hostareline 920 for rescue operations

Special forces have chosen our trip wire defeat products

Unhitec unveils Hostareline 905 cases solution

Our new generation of the Breaching systems

Unhitec was present at Shield Africa 2019 exhibition

Unhitec unveils Hostareline IR version